DreamFlux + Architecture-

In collaboration with the Victoria University Schools of Architecture and Computer Graphics, CMIC and DreamFlux, this project researched into the possible applications and outputs for a real-time dynamic 360-degree video lighting engine within architecture. Unreal Engine 4, blueprint scripting, video editing, photogrammetry and virtual reality workflows were all used in the final project output of a highly immersive architectural visualisation tool.

The DreamFlux + Architecture platform simulates real-time dynamic lighting within architectural and urban environments for architects and designers. Through the use of 360-degree video based technology, the platform is able to simulate real world site lighting conditions dynamically. This data is then intergrated within a virtual reality and is done ‘on the fly’. Allowing for a new level of interactive experiences that seamlessly intergrates digital content with captured real world conditions. 360-degree video is captured on the proposed site, and then is overlayed in a virtual reality environment on-top of proposed architecture models. An easy to use UX platform is then provided to allow for architects, designers and clients to dynamically change, preview and alter different lighting and site conditions dynamically; the outcome being a powerful and highly immersive 360-degree video, virtual reality, architecture visualisation—